As a chapter of MAsT International, MAsT Central NJ serves those located in Central New Jersey and the surrounding areas.  We provide support to those in, and interested in, the M/s lifestyle, through frank discussion and social opportunities.  

We welcome those of legal age with an interest in the nature of M/s dynamics and/or relationships.  Our doors are open to vetted adults, whether in a relationship or single, without regard to gender or sexual orientation. The focus of the meetings is on the M/s relationship in everyday life, not SM skills, techniques, play or sex, although those may certainly be facets of some members lifestyles. 

More Info:



We meet on the first Tuesday of each month, 

with social time from 5:30 pm to 5:45 pm, 

followed by the meeting until around 8:00 pm


There is time set aside at each meeting for socializing

MAY 3, 2022

JUNE 7, 2022
Topic: Trust, Part 2

JULY 5, 2022
Topic: Expectations

AUGUST 2, 2022
Topic: "We've got to talk". Why are we so afraid of that phrase, if this whole thing is about communication?

Topic: Knowledge is Power

OCTOBER 4, 2022
Topic: Worry, and how it can draw from your dynamic

NOVEMBER 1, 2022

DECEMBER 6, 2022

We are a chapter of MAsT International, which is organized and operates exclusively as a non-profit organization for educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.